Decisions, decisions: Stock Bow vs. Custom Bow

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Damage Control for your Bob Lee Bow – Read FIRST

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Rob Lee’s Method for Finding your True Draw Length

Rob shares his preferred method for measuring your true draw length (that number may not [...]

How to Tie a “Walking” Nock Point

JJ demonstrates how to tie a "walking" nock using BCY Poly Grip center serving.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Bob Lee Bow

So, what is it about a Bob Lee bow that makes it special? Is it [...]

Bolt-Up or Slide-In? Selecting an Attachment System

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Weight Reduction and Cosmetic Restoration

Sound like a teaser for a gym membership, or perhaps a plastic surgery venue? Actually, [...]

Arrows: The [Critical] Difference between GPI and GPP

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Get a Glimpse inside Bob Lee Bows

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How to Prevent Damage to your Bob Lee Bow

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How to Assemble a Bob Lee Stabi‑Lock™ Bow

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How to String and SEAT your Bob Lee Stabi-Lock™ Bow

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How to Assemble Your BOLT-UP Bob Lee Bow

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How to String (and Unstring) Your BOLT-UP Bob Lee Bow

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Adjusting Brace Height on your Recurve or Longbow

Set the correct brace height for your Bob Lee recurve or longbow, and learn why [...]

Brace Height (Fistmele) Settings for Your Bob Lee

Fistmele, or brace height, is critical to the performance of your Bob Lee bow, and [...]

How to Set the Nock Point on your Bow String

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How to Install a Quiver on your Bob Lee Bow

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Recommended String Silencers

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How to Safely Transport and Store Your Bow

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Bob Lee Shooting with Son Rob

Bob Lee launches his first arrow since shoulder surgery, taking the maiden shot from a [...]

Swedish Bowhunter Championships 2017

Shared by Christer Andersson with his newly acquired Bob Lee P3 - 2017

Bob Lee/Wing Archery Radio Interview

LISTEN IN on an radio interview recorded on May 14th, 1975 when Bob Lee of [...]

Learning the (Bow) Language

There is unique archery terminology that is commonplace among bowyers and seasoned archers. But if [...]

The Bob Lee Bow is Born

Bob Lee’s first bows were crafted in his Houston, Texas, home garage in 1951.

How to Accurately Measure Draw Length

When shopping for a traditional bow, the first factor to determine is your draw length.

Pairing the Best Arrow with a Bob Lee

All types of arrows (wood, aluminum, carbon) can be shot from your Bob Lee bow, [...]

Switching to Traditional?

A significant number of inquiries about our bows come from compound archers who have had [...]

The String is Everything

The string on your traditional bow is as important as the shafts or the bow [...]

The “Whethers” of Choosing a Feather

Just like choosing the right arrow, feather selection is something most shooters overlook.

Understanding Tiller

Every shooter draws the bow at a more severe angle on the bottom than on [...]