Weight Reduction and Cosmetic Restoration

Sound like a teaser for a gym membership, or perhaps a plastic surgery venue?

Actually, it’s all about a fitness regimen for your Bob Lee. Taking off a few pounds, or freshening up its “skin” to help restore the original glory of a faithful friend.

First, let’s look at weight reduction. We frequently get calls from shooters who, for various reasons, are struggling with the draw weight of their bow. Often, this is due to health compromises such as shoulder issues or post-surgery weakness. Or it may be that advancing age (alas, it happens) has left a shooter with less physical prowess than they once boasted.

Whatever the reason, if you are no longer able to comfortably handle the weight of a bow and shoot accurately, it’s time to look at a lesser poundage. To that end, we can help by reducing the weight of your existing limbs to help “lighten the load”.

The amount of weight removal varies from bow-to-bow, depending on a couple of factors: basically, length and width. The more overall surface area that the limbs offer, the more material we can remove from each side of the limb, which translates into a greater reduction opportunity. We will make every effort to remove as much as possible WITHOUT compromising the integrity of the limbs. On average, we can remove 3-5 pounds–which can be a lifechanger for many shooters. We’ll even remove and reapply updated silkscreens to reflect your bow’s new lighter weight.

Now, if your Bob Lee isn’t suffering from a weight issue but IS showing the ravages of time, we can help there as well. We understand that there will be scratches, scuffs and dings to our equipment. And we enjoy seeing our bows frequently ferreted into field and forest.  But we also know that even those bows with the most meticulous handlers will suffer the occasional scarring. When a refurb is in order, we can do a partial refinish (limbs or handle only) a whole bow (tip-to-tip) restoration. While we cannot remove deep gouges (such as those venturing into the limb fiberglass), we can most often restore your bow to a near-new appearance. If you would like to see if your limbs and/or handle are good candidates, you’re welcome to email us your photos for a rough assessment before ordering the service.

If you’re interested in prices and more info, click here to visit our Reduction and Restoration pages.

Please note :

We do not offer weight reduction or refinishing for the vintage Wing Archery bows. Our refinish process requires removal of the old silkscreens and decals which cannot be replaced, and many of these bows are fragile (and also irreplaceable!). We get frequent requests for restoration of these collectibles, but we simply can’t assume the risks. It is heartwarming, however, to hear that those old bows are still collected and coveted.