Frequently-Asked Questions

I have an old Wing bow -- can you give me information about the year it was built?

Obviously, we have a great appreciation for the sentimental value of a Wing bow. Bob’s personal collection is proudly displayed in the lobby of our Jacksonville facility. However, determining a build date for any given Wing model typically requires a “best guest”. The records for those bows have long since vanished, and the numbering system changed several times during Wing Archery’s duration. Occasionally, the serial number will suggest a “reverse” month and year that the bow was built. But more often, the numbers were randomized and lend very little information as to the born-on date of the bow.

Can you tell me what my Wing bow is worth?

This is another vague area. As with any “collectible”, a Wing bow is worth precisely the amount of money a buyer will pay and a seller will accept. Obviously, cosmetics and shootability factor into the amount, but we rarely offer an opinion. While there are a few models that are considered “rare” (such as the Presentation II Short Handle – especially in half Micarta, half Brazilian Rosewood), the majority of the Wing collectibles we see today are still available in great volume.

I’ve heard that Bob Lee invented the takedown bow -- is this correct?

That is correct. Bob introduced the first detachable limb bow in 1961 with the Presentation II model, an overnight success, a forerunner to the takedown bows on the market today, and considered by many collectors to be the best recurve ever built.

I shoot a compound but I’m considering a traditional bow -- how do I know what draw weight I would need?

Typically, a drop down of 15 to 25 percent poundage will be comfortable.

I have an older Bob Lee that needs refinishing -- do you guys do that?

Yes, we do offer refinishing to restore your Bob Lee to its best. Call us to discuss options and to let us know when you will be shipping your bow so we can help you best manage the time you will be without it. Get more information on our Refinishing Page.

Do you refinish the old Wing Bows?

We do not offer refinishing of the old Wing Archery bows. Oftentimes, these bows feature logos and other silkscreens that cannot be preserved during the refinish process, and we feel those add greatly to the sentimental and “vintage” value of the Wing bows. Additionally, we cannot assume liability for these irreplaceable collectibles.

Can I use mechanical releases or sights with your bow?

Yes. You would need to ship the sight to us so that we can install inserts on your bow. We would also have to add a release loop to the string.

Do you allow visitors to your shop in Jacksonville?

Absolutely. People have traveled long distances to meet the gang and shoot our bows. One family has flown in twice from England, and another couple drove nonstop from New York State! So yes, we’d love to see you. We do ask that you give us a headsup before you start your trip so we can make sure we’re here to greet you and can set aside ample time for your visit.

Do you give tours of your Production Shop?

We welcome all visitors to peruse our Lobby and the Wing collectibles and stock bows therein, but we must limit your visit to the front end of our shop. Our production area is limited to Bob Lee staff only, mostly due to safety concerns (and stern directives from our insurance agent).

Do you offer archery lessons at your Bow Shop?

We don’t “officially” offer archery lessons, but we are available to provide tips and short lessons for our customers just getting into archery. Even if you are a seasoned Bob Lee shooter, we’re happy to help troubleshoot any issues you may be having by observing you at the practice butts here at our Shop. Or, give us a call if you have questions or concerns.

Can you take some of the weight off my bow?

We do offer weight reduction. The amount of weight removal varies from bow-to-bow, depending on a couple of factors: basically, length and width. Our weight reduction service allows us to remove – on average – 3 to 5 pounds from the draw weight of your Bob Lee limbs, and includes tillering to your shooting style, fresh silkscreens, a new string and FREE SHIPPING back to you. Get more information on our Weight Reduction Page.