Bolt-Up or Slide-In? Selecting an Attachment System

As you browse our bows, you’ll see two options for your limb attachment: the Bob Lee Dual-Bolt System, an original design from Bob Lee’s early Wing Archery bows, and our exclusive slide-to-lock design, the Bob Lee Stabi-Lock™ system.

Which to choose?  First, we’ll explain the features and advantages of each, then offer some tips for helping you decide which is a better fit for YOU.

The Innovation of Stabi-Lock™

Our Stabi-Lock™ limb attachment system functions via a wedge and channel design — dove-tail is cut into the handle for receiving a limb wedge with spring-loaded, locking detents. Bow assembly is as simple as slide, click and lock. To detach limbs, a slight nudge forward and back is all that is needed. No tools. Convenience is an obvious advantage, but Stabi-Lock™ components also add tremendous performance-enhancing properties. Increased stabilizing mass at each handle end creates exceptional weight distribution, increased speeds, improved arrow efficiency and added silencing effects. Additionally, precision alignment afforded by the Stabi-Lock™ ensures maximum limb thrust. Seasoned archers will feel the difference immediately upon release of a Stabi-Lock™ bow.

The Stabi-Lock™ limb attachment system is available as an upgrade option for Bob Lee recurves and longbows that feature phenolic in at least half of the handle — namely our Heavyweight, Bicentennial, HardCore and P3 models — while Bob Lee Ultimate model recurves and longbows come standard with Stabi-Lock™.

The Precision of a Dual-Bolt System

Our detachable limb assembly has been carefully developed to ensure the most positive limb and handle alignment obtainable, with a fit of +/– .002. This unique system increases the stability of the bow which translates to speed and accuracy. Our dual-bolt coupling system offers a marked advantage over the widely-used single-bolt systems on the market. And after all, we should know: we invented the takedown!

The Final Call

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Are you a speed freak? Performance junkie? Are you quick to happily fork over a few extra bucks for the coolness factor? If so, the Stabi-Lock™ upgrade is a great fit for you.

Or, are you new to archery, and perhaps looking for a starter bow? Is budget a bigger concern than convenience or maximum speed? Do you feel those extra feet per second are not as important for your hunting or target shooting? If you answered yes to any of these, our dual-bolt system is probably the best fit for you. 

Fear Not: There is No Wrong Decision

Either attachment system will deliver exceptional performance at a great value. We stake our reputation on that claim.