Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Bob Lee Bow

1 > Service and Satisfaction

Bob Lee bows are consistently ranked among the best in the industry in customer satisfaction, as borne out by published reviews and forum discussions. We actually enjoy assisting our customers. (It’s a pity, but we’re told that’s rare these days). We work hard at the front end of the process to ensure that each Bob Lee is well-suited to its archer. And, we’ll be here long after the sale to foster that relationship, offer shooting and tuning tips, and provide the very best ongoing support.

2 > Unbeatable Performance

Our bows embody more than six decades of design evolution, resulting in a perfected marriage of beauty, speed, accuracy, dependability and shooting pleasure. And, two of our bows were ranked Best in the U.S. (taking the Number 1 and 2 spots) for speed and efficiency in an independent national field test (by Bowhunting World Magazine) against 12 industry leaders.

3 > Longevity

Bob Lee bows are built to be enjoyed for decades, from generation-to-generation. Indeed, Bob’s early Wing Archery bows – namely, the Red Wing Hunter and Presentation IIs, at 60+ years of age – are still coveted heirlooms and highly-sought-after collectibles. And, from all the accounts we hear, still shootable!

4 > Zero Stack

Our limbs are designed with an exact ratio of reflex-to-deflex to achieve a zero-stack, super-smooth draw. All whack, no stack!

5 > Innovative Design

The name Bob Lee has long been associated with the best in innovation, as evidenced by his two-time inductions into the Archery and Bowhunting Halls of Fame. Among the most notable benchmarks are the introduction of the first 3-piece bow, a design still emulated throughout the industry. His early designs have been further perfected through the evolution of exceptional limb attachment systems, including the original dual-bolt system and our award-winning Stabi-Lock™ tool-free slide-in system.

6 > Experience

Our company boasts a rich heritage of providing the best experiential knowledge the industry has to offer in traditional bow design, craftsmanship, innovation and service. Plainly put: we know bows (and it shows)!

7 > American-Made, Family-Owned

Every Bob Lee bow is crafted in our Texas facility by multiple generations of the Lee family, lending added levels of pride, passion and commitment to the company’s mission, its product and its service.

8 > Superior Sight Window

Our design boasts a sight window cut as close to true center shot as possible in a wooden bow. The shelf is radiused front to back to reduce contact between arrow and shelf. The edge of the shelf is then radiused to maximize arrow clearance. As a final measure, the shelf is lowered to the closest proximity possible to the shooter’s hand. Extensive handshaping, sanding and finessing is necessary to create these exclusive elements – all critical for optimal arrow clearance and flight.

9 > Legendary Grip

Since the early 1950s, Bob Lee bows have featured one of the best handle grip designs available in a traditional bow. We can be bold with this claim because it’s based on frequent shooter compliments to that effect. We often hear that our grip “falls into the hand”, is “extremely comfortable” and “a natural fit”. Great care goes into hand-shaping each grip to reach that pinnacle of perfection where the hand cradles the bow without encumbering it. Our standard grip is by far the most popular, often referred to as a “pistol grip”, but we also offer a low grip for those who prefer a longbow-style grip, and a high grip for Olympic-style target shooting.

10 > Exceptional Value

A Bob Lee bow delivers unrivaled beauty, impressive speeds, dead-on accuracy, impeccable workmanship and outstanding customer service and satisfaction in one package– no other bow offers this level of quality or value at any price. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love your bow that we offer a satisfaction guarantee.


So, what is it about a Bob Lee bow that makes it special? Is it the family devoted to its product? Is it the historical path of the brand? Is it the unique performance qualities built into each? Is it the personalized customer service? There can be no doubt that all are essential and inextricable ingredients of the Bob Lee recipe.