Decisions, decisions: Stock Bow vs. Custom Bow

Recurves and longbows with choices of custom built or prebuilt

Stock Bows

Seeking instant gratification? Pick, click and your new bow is on its way to you. Our prebuilt, ready-to-ship bows are designed by Rob and JJ in tried-and-true configurations, resulting in some of our best-looking, finest-shooting recurves and longbows.


  • Affords the WYSIWYG edge: What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get. Stock bow photos remove the guesswork by showing unique traits of the actual bow – a glimpse we’re not granted until any given bow is built
  • Alleviates analysis paralysis — the potentially-overwhelming process of DIY design. While we’re always happy to guide our customers toward choosing aesthetically-pleasing combinations for their custom builds, some are intimidated by the various choices. Simply put, selecting a stock bow is simple
  • Offers “last lot” builds from uniquely-charactered or limited-run woods that may no longer be available
  • Introduces “first-built” bows — new models that are offered via “soft launch” on our Stock Bow page before unveiling to the world
  • Special offers and discounts – we offer occasional markdowns, a clear bonus for buying off-the-rack
  • Delivers instant gratification, since we typically ship the same day you purchase. Buy it today, shoot it this weekend!

Custom Bows

Can’t find a Stock Bow that fits? Seeking an heirloom for future generations? Or, do you wish to incorporate all the features you desire in a personal bow? Whatever the motivation, we are happy to help you design your dream bow.

DESIGNING a CUSTOM BOW includes a myriad of options:

  • Allows you to configure the best fit for your needs from a range of lengths, weights and models
  • A selection of exotic handle woods that we’ve procured for exceptional integrity and exotic beauty
  • Embellishments such as center striping and overlays
  • Performance boosters like linen-based phenolic (more mass = more stability)
  • Ever-evolving veneer selections that provide the crowning glory for your bow
  • Exclusive limb attachment systems — our dual-bolt design for superior alignment, or our performance-boosting, tool-free Stabi-Lock™ system