66″ 37# P3 Long Riser Carbon Recurve

Stock Bow #14741

Draw Length Variance

At 27″ Draw … 36.1 Pounds
At 28″ Draw … 37.6 Pounds
At 29″ Draw … 39.4 Pounds
At 30″ Draw … 41.2 Pounds
At 31″ Draw … 43.1 Pounds


Take your tournament skills to the next level! This lean and long 66″ bow features our 23″ extended handle. The long riser adds the advantages of a larger site window, which helps to better gauge distance AND eliminates the need for canting. Win, win! 

This model features our carbon CobraCurve limbs with super recurve design. These killer limbs are equipped with our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ hidden attachment system that delivers power-boosting mass to each shot as well as unprecedented quietness. And, the slide-attach Stabi-Lock™ package now includes our ConcealCap design with no visible limb bolts, emulating the sleek profile of a one-piece while lending the convenience and limb changeout options of a takedown recurve. PLEASE NOTE: This handle is predrilled for a stabilizer and a springy rest.

Our all-black, mega-mass solid Micarta (phenolic) 23″ handle is accented with an overlay on the back in Walnut Burl on the top layer with a thin strip of White beneath, framed by black Micarta. This design is repeated on the limb tips and caps.

The distinctive tone-on-tone patterning of Carbon Twill runs the full length of our high-performance recurve limbs.

A superb choice for the serious tournament archer!