DiamondBack Carbon Longbow

Our DiamondBack longbow makes the perfect sidekick to our Cobra recurves:

Many archers shoot our target longbow in addition to their hunting recurve because of the forgiveness factor, but also to extend their tournament game by shooting both Recurve Class AND Longbow Class.

NOTE: If you already own a Bob Lee Recurve, you have the option to order only the DiamondBack limbs to be fitted to your recurve handle. Click here for more info.

  • Carbon Twill limbs offer superior stability and are exceptionally-quiet
  • Streamlined limbs reduce vibration and preserve kinetic energy, resulting in a smoother shot
  • Reflex design delivers the performance of a modern longbow in an extremely forgiving bow 
  • Efficiency-boosting mass incorporated into the handle
  • Weighs 3 pounds overall (full bow, no quiver) – shooters find this to be the ideal “sweet spot” without adding unnecessary weight in the field
  • HardCore handle optional upgrade adds customizable wood on each side of the handle
  • Accent veneers atop Carbon Twill layers on caps and tips
  • Flexible takedown design for additional limbs – lighter for target, heavier for hunting
  • STABI-LOCK™ attachment upgrade is optional

The Bob Lee longbow delivers a unique and highly-enjoyable shooting experience for the trad archer. While our Cobra recurve continues to be the race horse of our stable, the DiamondBack longbow is more of a pleasure ride. The recurve outshines in speed but the longbow is far more tolerant of shooter error. Let us custom build one for you and discover just how much fun traditional archery can be!

I get a great deal of enjoyment out of shooting this longbow, which is a big statement coming from a diehard recurve man.– R.H. 

I’ve never shot anything as quiet as the Bob Lee longbow, and with no tweaking the setup. – P.W.


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