DiamondBack Carbon Longbow

I get a great deal of enjoyment out of shooting this longbow, which is a big statement coming from a diehard recurve man.– R.H. 

I’ve never shot anything as quiet as the Bob Lee longbow, and with no tweaking the setup. – P.W.

Our DiamondBack longbow makes the perfect sidekick to our Cobra recurves:

  • Carbon Twill limbs offer superior stability and are exceptionally-quiet
  • Streamlined limbs reduce vibration and preserve kinetic energy, resulting in a smoother shot
  • Reflex design delivers the performance of a modern longbow in an extremely forgiving bow 
  • Efficiency-boosting mass incorporated into the handle
  • Weighs 3 pounds overall (full bow, no quiver) – shooters find this to be the ideal “sweet spot” without adding unnecessary weight in the field
  • HardCore handle with customizable wood on each side and on the handle back
  • Accent veneers atop Carbon Twill layers on caps and tips
  • Flexible takedown design for additional limbs – lighter for target, heavier for hunting
  • STABI-LOCK™ attachment upgrade is optional

This model delivers a unique shooting experience for the archer. While our Cobra recurve continues to be the race horse of our stable, the DiamondBack longbow is more of a pleasure horse. The recurve outshines in speed but the longbow is far more tolerant of shooter error. 

Many archers choose to shoot a target longbow in addition to their hunting recurve because of the forgiveness factor, but also as a means of extending their tournament game by shooting two classes.


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