D97 Bow String for Recurves


Our Bob Lee Bows ship with a 16-strand Dynaflight 97, Flemish-Twist bow string with #4 nylon serving material, but if you find yourself in need of a replacement string or just want to have an extra one on-hand, these are our recommended strings to ensure optimal performance and protection for your bow.

Accurate string length is critical. Your bow’s AMO (Archery Manufacturer and Merchant’s Organization) length is marked on its lower limb. To achieve the correct brace height you will need to use a bowstring of the same AMO length. (Example: An AMO 62” bow requires an AMO 62” string). The actual  length of the bowstring you receive will be 3.5”-5” shorter than its marked AMO length.

Watch a video on SAFELY STRINGING your Bob Lee:

Stringing a Stabi-Lock bow
Stringing a Bolt-Up bow

Ready to Ship


    Due to high demand, we are currently out of bow strings for 54" and 56" AMO recurves. We expect to be restocked soon so please check back daily. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The string lengths for our Cobra bows differ from our older, fiberglass recurves. Please distinguish accordingly.
    We can add silencer puff balls and/or tie an adjustable nock, per your request, for a fully "rigged" string (like the ones we ship with our bow orders).
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