Cobra Recurve Carbon Limbs


Add $324 for Stabi-Lock™ Limb Attachment

Our Fastest, Quietest, Most Stable Limb Design!

You’ve no doubt heard about our new Shikari recurve? These CobraCurve carbon limbs are the magic ingredient in that winning formula, and you can add that magic to your existing Bob Lee handle!

Our new super curve design brings unprecedented thrust to our already-superior recurve limbs. Then, we add the incredible strength and performance of Carbon Twill for maximum speed, strength, stability and silence in a takedown limb. And, with the torsional resistance of the material, our carbon clad limbs offer something fiberglass limbs cannot: protection against side-to-side twist.

Our Cobras are priced according to your existing handle-to-limb attachment system:

$1075 for pairing with your Bolt-Up Handle (dual pin, dual bolt design)

$1399 for pairing with your Stabi-Lock™ Handle (wedge and channel, slide-lock design, ConcealCap)

After ordering you will need to ship your handle to us for proper fitting; However, we do not need it until we move into the fine shaping phase so you will be able to continue enjoying your Bob Lee until that point.

Reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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