The Bob Lee Bow is Born

Front of the Wing Archery building in Houston, Texas, where Bob Lee first began building his legendary recurves

Bob Lee’s first bows were crafted in his Houston, Texas, home garage in 1951, launching a six-decade career that would alter the course of traditional archery.

Bob recalls forming Wing Archery, and attempting his first bow build: “I knew absolute nothing about what I was attempting, but somehow I got it right on the first try.” 

Some people like to call it Destiny, or a “natural gift”.

The ever-humble Bob calls it a Miracle.

“If I had realized then what goes into creating a quality, great-performing bow, I probably would never have tried it. And I certainly wouldn’t have attempted it again if that first bow had been a failure. Life’s pathways would have led me elsewhere, and you wouldn’t be reading this now.”

Within two years of launching his business, product demand necessitated construction of the first Wing facility in Bellaire, a suburb of Houston, in 1953.

Tens of thousands of Bob Lee Bows have been crafted since that initial foray into the craft.  And no doubt, immeasurable influence has been impressed upon an industry and sport.