64″ 47# BLACKHAWK Recurve

Dash of Red

Our 19″ handle is carefully crafted to our exacting standards, and features our legendary fall-into-the-hand recurve grip, hand finished from a solid chunk of black linen-based Micarta. The handle back is adorned in a four layer design featuring the delicate textures of Pepperwood Burl alternating with a single layer of fiery red ActionWood framed in Black Micarta for just the right amount of pop.

Our high-performance recurve limbs showcase the intricate deep mottling of Oak Burl in hues of caramel to gold and cream leading to tips crowned in Oak Burl with secondary layers of black Micarta framing an accent layer in red ActionWood. Limb caps repeat the design with Oak Burl over red ActionWood. A study in contrasts and a beauty to behold!