60″ 43# BLACKHAWK Recurve

Exotics X3


The Bob Lee BlackHawk offers a solid Micarta (linen-based phenolic) handle for exceptional mass and stability in the hand. Add to that our exotic veneers on the handle back, caps, limbs and tips and you’ve got a knockout performer.

This model features our legendary fall-into-the-hand recurve grip in our 19″ all-black handle with four layers of embellishment on the handle back in Curly Etimoe with secondary layers in Curly Maple and black Micarta.

Curly Etimoe runs the full length of our high-performance recurve limbs, lending its russet striations to the design. Limb tips are finished out in African Bubinga alternating with Curly Maple and black Micarta. Our limb caps are faced in the buttery ripples of Curly Maple. PLEASE NOTE: There is a slight blemish approx. 6″ in length running through the center of one of the limbs; This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the structural integrity of the limb or the warranty coverage. The price shown here has been adjusted down $100.