62″ 43# HARDCORE Recurve

Wenge Wow


This buildout began with a solid slab of stabilizing black Micarta for superior strength adorned with side panels in the deep, dark currents of Wenge (Millettia laurentii). On the handle back sits a four-layer montage of Curly Walnut alternating with Black Micarta and topping out in the vanilla ripples of Tamo Ash.

Recurve limbs are equipped with our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ hidden attachment system that delivers power-boosting mass to each shot as well as unprecedented quietness. And, the slide-attach Stabi-Lock™ package now includes our ConcealCap design with no visible limb bolts, emulating the sleek profile of a one-piece while lending the convenience and limb changeout options of a takedown recurve. Punctuating the length of the limbs is Tamo Ash, with its golden waves culminating in Curly Walnut stacked with black Micarta on the limb tips. Curly Walnut is featured yet again on the face of the limb caps. A powerhouse bow in a striking package!