62″ 40# HARDCORE Recurve

Sleek and Stout


The 19″ handle of this HardCore model recurve is built from a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of darkly-hued, intricately-cut Exotic African Shedua. The handle back is complemented with a four layer design – a primary layer of Bubinga atop Tamo Ash framed in Black Micarta

Our dual-bolt recurve limbs incorporate the perfect ratio of reflex-to-deflex and feature African Bubinga running the length of the limbs.  The classic design continues with a four-layer design of alternating Bubinga alternating with Black Micarta on the limb tips. Limb caps are faced in Bubinga to complete the ensemble. A fine shooter that’s a beauty to behold!