62″ 38# DIAMONDBACK Carbon Longbow

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Stock Bow #15132

Draw Length Variance

At 26″ Draw … 34.5 Pounds
At 27″ Draw … 36 Pounds
At 28″ Draw … 38 Pounds
At 29″ Draw … 40 Pounds
At 30″ Draw … 42 Pounds


We’ve crafted this takedown longbow by starting with a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta sandwiched between two outer layers of rich, rosy-hued exotic African Bubinga wood for our 19″ handle. We then handshaped it into our classic profile for interesting revelations of wood in various areas of the handle. Accenting the handle back are four layers of Curly Walnut sharing center stage with White and Black Micarta.

Our powerhouse longbow limbs are clad in carbon twill for exceptional side-to-side torsional stability. Our exclusive dual-bolt attachment system provides the ultimate in precision alignment. Each limb is crowned with limb tips in a four-layer design of Curly Walnut alternating with White and Black Micarta. Curly Walnut is repeated on each limb cap. Longbow with Carbon … Winner, winner!