60″ 51# HARDCORE Recurve

Black Limba


We dare you to gaze up on this creature and not be wowed, as it is no doubt one of our most incredibly-beautiful creations of late.  Crafted from a core slab of stabilizing black Micarta and cloaked in a superfine specimen of Black Limba, this bow is a knockout in looks and performance. The botanical name for this exotic African wood is Terminalia superba, and it is superb indeed. After handfinessing each curve, we unveiled an array of showstopping grain with colors from blonde to black with a smattering of bourbon hues here and there. 

The handle back is crowned with the rich, rosy texture of African Bubinga with an underlayment of Tamo Ash framed in Black Micarta for a dynamite look.

The exceptionally-exotic design continues with the creamy currents and birdseye swirls of White Oak Burl running the length of each limb and culminating in four layers of Bubinga, Tamo Ash and Black Micarta on the limb tips. Limb caps are faced in Bubinga, echoing the limb tip design. Our exclusive dual-bolt limb attachment system delivers double assurance of alignment precision.  Incredibly beautiful, beautifully-shooting bow!