60″ 48# SHIKARI SuperCurve

Pepperwood Pow


This buildout features fabulous Pepperwood Burl, one of the newest showstoppers in our stable.

The term Shikari translates to “Professional Hunter”, an apt name for our latest model which brings all elements of a performance recurve into a dynamic, highly-efficient bow designed for serious hunters.

This recently-unveiled model features our carbon CobraCurve limbs with super recurve design. These killer limbs are equipped with our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ hidden attachment system that delivers power-boosting mass to each shot as well as unprecedented quietness. And, the slide-to-attach Stabi-Lock™ package now includes our ConcealCap design with no visible limb bolts, emulating the sleek profile of a one-piece while lending the convenience and limb changeout options of a takedown recurve.

Our all-black, mega-mass solid Micarta (phenolic) 17″ handle is accented with an overlay crowned in Pepperwood Burl atop an underlayment of red Actionwood.

The distinctive tone-on-tone patterning of Carbon Twill runs the full length of our high-performance recurve limbs. Limb tips are punctuated with matching Pepperwood Burl accented by red underneath. At the opposing end of each limb, our ConcealCap design affords a sleek profile by hiding all the hardware and assembly. These caps also feature the red and Pepperwood pairing. A real game changer!