60″ 44# HARDCORE Longbow

Limba Longbow

We’ve crafted this longbow by starting with a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta sandwiched between two outer layers of outstanding Black Limba. We then handshaped it into our classic profile to reveal a plethora of grain and superior contrasts at every turn of the riser. Accenting the handle back is a primary layer of Curly Bubinga over Maple Freak Burl flanked by Black Micarta.

Our powerhouse longbow limbs are fitted with our exclusive dual-bolt attachment system for the ultimate in precision alignment and stability. The sleek design continues with limbs cloaked in crazy good Maple Freak Burl and punctuated with tips in four layers of Maple Freak Burl with black Micarta. Limb caps are crowned in Curly Bubinga. A Lee Longbow you’ll love to lob arrows from!