60″ 36# HARDCORE COBRA Recurve

Cobra SuperCurve

Be sure and check out the photos for “nature’s surprises” we unearthed on each side of this handle. Pretty cool!

This bow features our 17″ handle paired with 62″ limbs for an overall length of 60″ – a dynamite combo for performance as well as smoothness of draw. The handle creation began with a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta sandwiched between outer layers of Curly Maple showcased on each side of the handle. We then hand shaped it into our handle profile to reveal character at every turn of the riser. Accenting the handle back are layers of Walnut Burl on top, then black Micarta with a punch of Curly Maple.

Our powerhouse super curve limbs are clad in Carbon Twill, locking in exceptional side-to-side torsional strength, and fitted with our dual bolt for added precision and alignment. And these limbs look as good as they perform, from the sophisticated reptilian carbon pattern running the length of each limb to the seamless limb tips topped in Carbon Twill. Under the limb bolts, our caps are faced in yet more Walnut Burl. An incredible looker and equally-incredible shooter!