58″ 45# HARDCORE Longbow

Wenge Longbow


We’ve crafted this longbow by starting with a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta sandwiched between two outer layers of the darkly-subdued grains of Wenge wood for our 17″ abbreviated handle. We then handshaped it into our classic profile for interesting revelations of wood in various areas of the handle. Accenting the handle back are four layers of Tamo Ash sharing center stage with Curly Walnut and Black Micarta. NOTE: There is a slight “checkering” (very thin white line) that appears in the handle on one side. This is a natural occurrence during the life of the tree. It in no way affects structural integrity nor is it considered a blemish. Please see photos.

Our powerhouse longbow limbs feature the dynamic rippling of Tamo Ash and are crowned on the tips with four layers of Walnut Burl with Tamo Ash and black Micarta. Walnut limb bolt caps complete the design. Fitted with our exclusive dual-bolt attachment system, our longbow limbs offer the ultimate in precision alignment and stability. Not your average longbow!