Shikari SuperCurve with Carbon Cobras

After years of shooting countless custom trad bows, with the Bob Lee Shikari I’ve finally found the speed, performance and stability I’ve been seeking.– ARON SNYDER, Kifaru International

I told Rob Lee what I wanted in the ultimate hunting bow. He delivered, and then some! The Shikari is durable, smooth, and most importantly, deadly silent! – JAKE DOWNS

Created for the diehard hunter, the Bob Lee Shikari has it all:

  • CobraCurve limbs with souped-up lever action cloaked in Carbon Twill
  • Stabi-Lock™ tool-free, slide and click attachment system
  • ConcealCap design (no visible limb bolts!)
  • Optional inserts for stabilizer or quiver, or receptacle for fishing line rest
  • Solid Micarta 19″ handle with standard Bob Lee grip, customizable to the Snyder grip (slimmer with flatter heel/less palm swell)
  • Efficiency-boosting mass incorporated into the handle
  • Weighs 3 pounds overall (full bow, no quiver) – shooters find this to be the ideal “sweet spot” without adding unnecessary weight in the field
  • Dark design for stealth, with customizable accent in choice of gray, orange, dark green, lime red, maroon, blue
  • Option of accent veneers atop Carbon Twill layers on caps and tips for added contrast, or leave the Twill for a seamless design
  • Flexible takedown design for additional limbs – lighter for target, heavier for hunting

This model holds rank as Top Gun in our lineup when it comes to speed, efficiency and stealth. Lauded as our quietest bow to date, this bow launches arrows at impressive speeds with barely a whisper.

Add to the maxed-out package our exclusive STABI-LOCK™ system and you have another performance boost with internal added mass at each end of the handle. And, with no visible bolts or hardware, this bow boasts the flexibility of a takedown (portability and secondary limbs) while emulating the seamless profile of a one-piece. With no wrenches or bolts to fiddle with in the field, the STABI-LOCK™ system simplifies transport and setup for serious hunters.

To personalize your design, choose an ActionWood accent for the secondary layers in the limb’s tips and caps (under the carbon face) and to be showcased on the handle back. Or, choose alternative veneers onto the handle back and tips to make it your own at no additional fee.


Built to Order

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