DiamondBack Longbow Carbon Limbs


Add $165 for Stabi-Lock™ Design

Create Two Bows from One!

Longing for a lighter weight in your Bob Lee bow? Needing a heavier bow for an upcoming hunt? Looking to shoot multiple 3D classes?

Extend the versatility of your existing Bob Lee with a set of our DiamondBack carbon limbs fit to our longbow OR recurve handle.

$1075 for a Bolt-Up Handle (dual pin, dual bolt design)

$1399 for a Stabi-Lock™ Handle (wedge and channel, slide-lock design)

After ordering you will need to ship your handle to us for proper fitting; However, we do not need it until we move into the fine shaping phase so that you may continue enjoying your Bob Lee until that point.

Reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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