Our Most Forgiving Bow – A Must for Serious Shooters!

  • Extends the sight window for distance shooting
  • Increases accuracy
  • Eases the release
  • Available up to 68”

A favorite model among our diehard tournament shooters, as well as archers with an extra long draw, our P3 is a nod to Bob Lee’s 1963 Wing Presentation II model – the world’s first detachable limb bow. Comes standard with our double-bolt, double-pin, or upgrade to Stabi-Lock for $455.


Presentation 3 (P3) Custom Recurve or Longbow – $1565

Design Yours


Levy Bryant, IBO National Director, Traditional Archery

My Presentation 3 is perfectly balanced, has an amazingly smooth draw, is very fast (and beautiful). Thanks to Bob Lee Archery, this bow is everything I have always wanted.

Oystein Larsen, Norway

The P3 is a winner and keeper for me. I own and have owned a lot of bows but the performance and stability of the P3 as a tournament bow is difficult to beat. I am a big guy with 31” draw and the long heavy riser and smooth limbs does the job. I have been shooting it for over two years now and it have taken a lot of titles. This year it’s my hunting bow as well.

Crille Andersson, 3 Time Swedish Champion (with Bob Lee P3)

My Presentation 3 is my competition bow and the best bow I have ever shot. Team Bob Lee in Sweden holds 14 Swedish records and 2 Swedish National Gold and in every big tournament in Sweden 2015-2017 we are Top 3. My highest recommendation.

Mats Palmér, Sweden

I have been shooting my Bob Lee P3 68″ 42# for almost a year now. As I shot the first arrow with the bow I felt that this will be a perfect competition bow for me. This year, the bow has given me excellent results. The quality of the bow and Stabi-Lock system makes a good performance.