This design features a divided handle crafted from solid African Shedua, an intricately-grained hardwood that hails from Africa and infuses both strength and beauty to our recurve and longbow handles. Center striping is introduced to the handle, bringing a contrast of Curly Maple enshrined in black Micarta (a linen-base phenolic). Quadruple layering of alternating Micarta and exotic veneers adorn the handle back. Limb caps can be designed to match the limbs or contrast in various veneers or black Micarta. Limb options include black glass, or exotic veneers under clear glass with layered accents on the limb tips.

Our exclusive double-bolt, double-pin takedown system ensures the most accurate limb alignment on the market.


EXOTIC CLASSIC Custom Recurve or Longbow – $1145

Design Yours


Guido Dominguez

The Exotic Classic is my second Bob Lee bow. Really love how smooth and fast it is, the grip as with all other Lees, is incredibly comfortable. Stunning aesthetics, shedua’s colour is simply gorgeous.

Cory Cessna

I have the Bob Lee Exotic and I cannot get over how smooth and fast this bow is with zero stack!! Even with my poor release this thing just hits where I am looking! I won’t ever shoot another bow!

Craig Amacker

After 55 years of shooting recurves, my Bob Lee Exotic Classic is my all-time favorite bow! Quiet, forgiving, and fast combined with perfect feel and balance. And JJ and Rob are the best at customer service!

Kevin Deyton

Bob Lee bows are the smoothest bows on the market and are the most forgiving bows that I have ever shot. When you release the string on a Bob Lee bow you will also feel no hand shock. There customer service is world class. That’s why I shoot Bob Lee bows!!!!