60″ 44# HARDCORE Recurve

Zebrawood Zing


We are loving this wood!  This is our first build from this lot of Zebrawood, and we could not be more pumped about what we are unearthing during the handfinish process. The intense graining is exceptional, as well as the contrast – even for Zebrawood.

We’ve partnered up this beautiful specimen with stabilizing black Micarta for the core of this 19″ riser.  Crowning the back of the handle is a multi-tiered overlay in Walnut Burl atop Olive Ash Burl alternating with Black Micarta. 

Our limbs feature the fabulous golden waves of Olive Ash Burl, while limb tips are punctuated in layers of Walnut Burl and Olive Ash Burl betwixt Black Micarta. This is truly a beauty to behold!