64″ 42# P3 Long Riser Recurve

Sweet Sapele


This super lean, 42-pound bow features our 23″ extended all-wood handle. The long riser adds the advantage of a larger site window, which helps to better gauge distance AND eliminates the need for canting. Win, win! 

This particular recurve features the finely-cut, interlocking grain of Exotic African Sapele with its reddish brown hues lending a sophisticated flair to this streamlined target bow.

Our limbs are cloaked in the mottled majesty of African Bubinga, with limb caps crowned in African Shedua atop Black Micarta, while the limb tips feature quadruple layering of Shedua partnered with Black Micarta. (Please note: There is a “scarring” that appears on one limb – this represents a separation in the graining of the veneer. This is strictly cosmetic and does not affect the performance, integrity or the warranty of the bow; however, the bow price shown here has been discounted accordingly.)

Our exclusive dual-bolt attachment provides exceptionally-precise alignment. A superb target bow with performance matched only by its beauty!