68″ 35# P3 Long Riser Recurve

Super Long and Light


Take your tournament skills to the next level! This lean and long 68″ bow features our 23″ extended handle. The long riser adds the advantages of a larger site window, which helps to better gauge distance AND eliminates the need for canting. Win, win! 

This particular recurve features a divided handle design – the dynamic character and fine graining of Exotic African Bubinga featured on the handle back, with stabilizing black Micarta (phenolic) on the handle belly. Handle center striping in Curly Maple punctuates this dynamic union. Accents on the handle’s back are defined by overlays deeply-patterned with Karelian Birch Burl alternating with additional secondary layers of Karelian with Black Micarta.

On this buildout, our high-performance takedown recurve limbs are decked out in fabulous Karelian Birch Burl with amber waves, contrasting current and delicate character running throughout. Limb tips feature a multi-layered design alternating in lovely richness of Lacewood and Black Micarta

Our exclusive dual-bolt limb attachment system provides the exceptionally-precise alignment critical to utmost performance. A superb choice for the serious tournament archer!



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