64″ 39# DARKHART Recurve

Exceptional Exotics


This short bow features our 19″ handle crafted from a double dose of our best exotics – African Shedua on the heel with Bubinga on the back. 

To join this blessed union we’ve added center striping featuring black Micarta encased in natural Maple. Further embellishments on the handle back feature four layers featuring rosy-hued Bubinga atop a punctuation of white Micarta framed in black Micarta.

Our high-performance recurve limbs are sporting the cascading currents of Maple Freak Burl. Limb tips match the overlay design with four layers of African Bubinga atop black Micarta engulfing White. Our exclusive double-bolt, double-pin attachment system ensures exceptional limb alignment. A beauty to behold and a blast to shoot!


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