64″ 38# HARDCORE Recurve

Subdued Hues


We’ve partnered up a slab of stabilizing black Micarta with our Smoke Gray ActionWood to create a solid core of performance-boosting mass with outer layers of wood to create various points of interest in the grain revealed throughout the handle. Accenting the handle back is Smoke Gray ActionWood atop Tamo Ash alternating with Black Micarta. 

Smoke Gray ActionWood limbs are fitted with our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ tool-free, performance-boosting attachment system for maximum alignment and quietness. Limb tips feature a four-layer design, with Smoke Gray ActionWood alternating with Black Micarta. PLEASE NOTE: One limb has an area where the veneer allows the maple below to show through. This in no way affects the structural integrity of the bow, and is purely a cosmetic issue. Some consider this a bonus – some a deterrent, depending on the viewer). See limb photo for reference.  A beautiful buildout for a dark, tone-on-tone look.



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