62″ 54# HARDCORE Recurve

Ripe with Stripes

We were so eager while waiting for this Zebrawood, and what a payoff it rendered!  We started this handle build with a core slab of stabilizing black Micarta then sandwiched it betwixt two outer layers of this fabulous Zebrawood, After meticulous shaping and finessing, we were rewarded with great graining throughout the 19″ handle, unearthing the unique and complex character of the wood. Accenting the handle back is more Zebrawood with a punctuation of red alternating with Black Micarta. 

Zebrawood is featured under clear limb glass and fitted with our dual-bolt attachment system for precision alignment and powerhouse performance.  Limb tips feature four layers, with Zebrawood on top, with sublayers in red alternating with Black Micarta. This is one handsome hunk of recurve!