62″ 54# BLACKHAWK COBRA Recurve

Stock Bow #15308

Draw Length Variance

At 27″ Draw … 51.3 Pounds
At 28″ Draw … 53.5 Pounds
At 29″ Draw … 55.7 Pounds
At 30″ Draw … 58.1 Pounds
At 31″ Draw … 61.2 Pounds


This bow boasts our CobraCurve carbon twill limbs, as featured on our Shikari model. These limbs are the key ingredient in the Shikari winning formula, and we’ve paired them here with a BlackHawk handle. (Aside from the Stabi-Lock™ hookup which comes standard on a Shikari, the handle differences are purely cosmetic).

With these limbs you get the extreme stability of the carbon clad construction, virtually eliminating the risk of limb twist for a super durable recurve. Add to that the enhanced curvature of the working area of the limb and you get the ramped-up speed in a whisper-quiet shooter.

Our solid Micarta (linen-based phenolic) 19″ handle brings exceptional mass and stability in the hand. Four layers of embellishment on the handle back feature Walnut Burl atop Sycamore with black Micarta.

The limb “caps” (where each limb meets the handle) feature Walnut Burl. This design adds extra punch to the limb tips covered in Walnut Burl as well. These embellishments provide great contrast and complement to the unique pattern of the carbon twill which affords a sophisticated look to the limbs. Beautiful and bold performer!