62″ 52# BLACKHAWK Recurve

Rippled Recurve

The Bob Lee BlackHawk is similar to our Abyss model (an entirely black bow from tip-to-tip) but the BlackHawk affords the addition of exotic or dyed veneers on the limbs, tips and caps. (Add handle overlays and you have our Heavyweight model).

This model features our legendary fall-into-the-hand recurve grip, and is handcrafted from a solid chunk of black linen-based Micarta, lending beneficial stabilizing mass to our 19″ handle.

Our high-performance recurve limbs feature highly-rippled hand-dyed grey Tamo Ash under clear glass. Limb tips are layered in Black Micarta alternating with hand-dyed grey Tamo Ash.  A black beauty that is a beast at the target!