62″ 47# HARDCORE Recurve

The Bowyer’s Bow

Rob built this bow for himself and enjoyed a full hunting season with it in hand, harvesting some of his finest game to date. Shooting this recurve and his longbow at tournaments allowed him to compete in both classes over the weekend – or same day in some cases. But, with his latest introduction of a 15″ handle, he has gifted himself with new personal bows (more on that soon). Being ever the pragmatist, he has decided (albeit, reluctantly) to part with this one. You will note Rob Lee’s name emblazoned on the handle – some will see this as a cool bonus feature. Others may not. Either way, we’re discounting the bow $200 down to $1499.

The 19″ handle is built from a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of African Shedua. Accenting the handle back is the deeply grained Walnut Burl with an underlayment of Oak Burl and black Micarta.

And, of course, it had to include our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ attachment system. This design provides maximum stability, unparallelled quietness and performance – in addition to super cool tool-free, slide-and-lock assembly!  Our recurve limbs incorporate the perfect ratio of reflex-to-deflex, and sport a SPLICED LIMB DESIGN marrying Spalted Maple with African Shedua. The exotic materials continue with Walnut Burl limb caps and limb tips layered in four layers of Walnut Burl and Oak Burl alternating with black Micarta. HardCore handsome, HardCore shooter!