62″ 49# HARDCORE Recurve


With this recurve we’ve sandwiched a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of Exotic African Shedua, creating revelation points at each curve throughout our 23″ handle.

With the extended handle, the sight window is extended for distance shooting – great for the target archer – and removes the need to cant the bow. And, the extra length eases the release for a more accurate shot.

Powerhouse recurve limbs are fitted with our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ channel and detent attachment system, lending added stability with unmatched quietness and kinetic energy to each shot! The limb design is crowned with a spliced veneer design, merging Spliced Shedua iwth Spalted Maple. Limb tips are layered in Black Micarta, Shedua and Walnut Burl.



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