62″ 47# HARDCORE Recurve

Black Gold

We’ve crafted this recurve from a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta sandwiched between two outer layers of our Exotic Shedua, creating revelation points at each curve throughout this 17″ handle and unearthing the multifaceted nature of the grain. Accenting the handle back is the amber richness of Oak Burl alternating with Black Micarta in a four-layer design. 

More Oak Burl adorns our high-powered recurve limbs, and with our Stabi-Lock™ limb attachment system they perform as beautifully as they look – delivering maximum performance and stability (and coolness, with a wedge and channel tool-free design).

Limb tips feature a four-layer design – Walnut Burl topping Oak Burl sandwiched betwixt Black Micarta