62″ 44# HARDCORE Recurve

Quilted Bubinga

For this HardCore recurve, we sandwiched a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of Exotic African Shedua, then hand finessed it into our curvaceous handle – unearthing the intricate hues and layers beneath with a bullseye effect here and there. The handle back is accented with Quilted African Bubinga, displaying a glorious ripple effect in dark and medium amber tones atop secondary layers of Bubinga alternating with black Micarta.

Our high-performing recurve limbs are decked out in a Curly Quilted African Bubinga, presenting a river of undulating grain running through center stage of each limb. Exotic African Shedua limb caps adorn one end, while tips feature yet more Shedua alternating with black Micarta. Great-looking, great-shooting hunting bow!