62″ 43# 3D Recurve

3D Beauty


This is our newest model incorporating triple layering of contrasting materials into our handle, invoking the name Bob Lee 3D. This buildout begins with a solid block of Curly Maple, then we layer on a slender section of Black Micarta (phenolic) and crown it with eye-popping wood on the outermost layer. For this particular build, we showcase premium Zebrawood. The result is a revelation of bullseye effects and grand graining that emerge throughout the shaping process, lending credence to the Zebrawood name with its profound striping and contrast.

The handle’s back sports a primary layer of Curly Etimoe with secondary overlays in Etimoe alternating with black Micarta.

Limbs are cloaked in the subtle rippling of Curly Etimoe and fitted with our exclusive dual-bolt attachment for exceptional alignment and quietness. Overlays on the recurve limb tips showcase exotic African Shedua atop three layers of Curly Etimoe with Black Micarta. Truly a multi-dimensional beauty!