60″ 40# 3D Recurve

Teal Zeal


This is our newest model incorporating triple layering of contrasting materials into our handle, invoking the name Bob Lee 3D. This buildout begins with a solid block of Curly Maple, then we layer on a slender section of Black Micarta (phenolic) and crown it with eye-popping wood on the outermost layer. In this case, we showcase Teal/Blue ActionWood. The result is revelations of bullseye effects and great graining that emerge throughout the shaping process.

The handle’s back gleams with an overlay of Mappa Burl, sporting ample servings of eyes and grain, sitting atop a classic combination of stripes in white flanked by black Micarta (phenolic).

Limbs are sporting a two-faced design – with Mappa Burl on each limb’s back with contrasting darkness of Karelian Birch Burl on the belly side of each limb. Tips and limb caps offer yet more Turquoise ActionWood. An eye-popping design with a jaw-dropping performance!