62″ 40# ECLIPSE Longbow

All Thrills, No Frills

Looking for a hard-hitter that’s easy on the wallet? Here’s your bow!

The Eclipse shares the same killer genetics as its Bob Lee siblings — the legendary melt-in-your-hand grip, high-performance reflex/deflex design, zero-stack draw and rugged endurance in the field.

This model is borne out of the same careful attention to quality and craftsmanship, but we’ve skipped the cosmetic enhancements to render a recurve that is a workhorse in the field yet gentle on the pocketbook.

Our 17″ handle is crafted from a solid chunk of Curly Maple that we’ve hand tinted in unique pewter tones for exceptional concealment, with a dimensional sheen afforded by our superior finish for maximum protection while in the field.

A dark theme is used throughout the limbs, making one sleek, stealthy, sweet-shooting longbow — all at a sensational value.


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