62″ 38# DARKHART Recurve

Accents Abound


This mighty fine recurve features our 17″ handle crafted from a double dose of our best exotics – African Shedua on the black and Bubinga on the heel. 

To join this blessed union we’ve added center striping with black Micarta encased in Curly Maple. Further embellishments on the handle back feature four layers of heavily-eyed Mappa Burl alternating with black Micarta.

Our high-performance recurve limbs feature the golden goodness of Mappa Burl boasting a generous offering of eyes and burl, with limb tips echoing the Mappa / Micarta design. Our exclusive double-bolt, double-pin attachment system ensures the utmost in limb alignment. All this beauty in a very attractive, very manageable length and weight!