62″ 37# HARDCORE Recurve

Cedar HardCore

This cedar was harvested right here on the Bob Lee property! After a storm claimed the tree, we harvested the wood and it now lives on in this buildout. And, the wonderfully-unique cedar scent filled the Bob Lee production area throughout every turn of the handle crafting.

This native wood has been partnered up with a slab of stabilizing black Micarta as the core of this 19″ handle. Several points of interest in the grain occur throughout this handle wood. Accenting the handle back is East Texas native Cedar alternating with Quilted Bubinga and Black Micarta. 

Our limbs feature the fabulous patterns of Quilted Bubinga, while limb tips featuring four layers of Native Cedar betwixt Black Micarta. Please note: the price shown here includes a discount for a slight blemish on one limb cap. This does not affect the performance or structural integrity of the bow, and the full standard warranty applies.