62″ 35# HARDCORE Recurve

Hotshot HardCore

You may have seen JJ sporting one like this in tournament pics. This is a close cousin to his personal bow (which he dubbed “The Green Hornet”). It’s quite an attention-getter!

With this recurve we’ve sandwiched a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of eyepopping Lime ActionWood, then handshaped it into our curvaceous handle – unearthing the intricate hues and layers beneath in a bullseye effect here and there. Accenting the handle back is wildly-patterned Tamo Ash presented in a black Micarta and Lime ActionWood frame.

Our powerhouse recurve limbs look as good as they perform – golden-hued and crazy-rippled Tamo Ash adorns the limbs with tips layered in Tamo Ash sittiting atop Lime ActionWood framed in black Micarta. Caps in Lime Actionwood top off the limb design. Eyepopping color with target-punching power!