60″ 51# BLACKHAWK Recurve

Black Blaster

By adding our Stabi-Lock™ system to our new BlackHawk model, we’ve granted the same high-performance, superior stability and cool convenience as our Ultimate model offers at a lower price tag. Basically, we’ve skipped a tad of the cosmetics (namely, handle center striping and overlays) 

Our 17″ handle features our legendary fall-into-the-hand recurve grip, and is handcrafted from a solid slap of black linen-based Micarta, lending beneficial stabilizing mass to the entire build.

We’ve designed our blaster recurve limbs in rippled, golden Mappa Burl veneers. Limb caps in Quilted Bubinga offer great contrast to the golden Mappa, while Mappa Burl and Quilted Bubinga team up on the tips, along with Black Micarta.

Great-shooting bow at a great hunting weight!