60″ 49# BLACKHAWK Recurve

Black Blaster

By adding our Stabi-Lock™ system to our new BlackHawk model, we’ve afforded the opportunity to gain the same high-performance, superior stability and cool convenience as our Ultimate model offers at a lower price tag. Basically, we’ve skipped a tad of the cosmetics (namely, handle center striping and overlays) 

We’ve designed this blaster recurve with hand-dyed, crosscut green and gray veneers under clear fiberglass for a fine-looking dark-toned design, punctuated with Birdseye Maple on the tips.

Our 17″ handle features our legendary fall-into-the-hand recurve grip, and is handcrafted from a solid slap of black linen-based Micarta, lending beneficial stabilizing mass to the entire build. Great-shooting bow at a great hunting weight!



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