60″ 47# HARDCORE Recurve

Speed Demon


Our 19″ handle is built from a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of incredibly-gorgeous Bocote resulting in an unusual array of bullseye and granular patterns throughout. (In fact, check out the photos to find the impish creature, aka Speed Demon, lurking within the grain). Accenting the handle back are the deep hues of Walnut Burl alternating atop Tamo Ash partnered with black Micarta.

And, this bow is equipped with our Stabi-Lock™ performance-boosting limb attachment system! This exclusive design lends unparalleled speed, quietness, stability and energy-preserving smoothness to every shot.

Adorning our takedown recurve limbs is the buttery beauty of Tamo Ash.  Limb tips feature a trifecta of Walnut Burl, Tamo Ash, and Black Micarta. The final touch is Walnut Burl crowning the limb capsA veritable feast of eye candy!