60″ 41# HARDCORE Recurve

Sweet 17

We’ve sandwiched a super-duper slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of Exotic African Shedua, creating peek-a-boo portals at each curve throughout our uber-compact 17″ recurve handle. This particular selection of Shedua is primed with intense contrast, curl and swirl.

Accenting the handle back is exotic overlays in outstanding Oak Burl with secondary layers in black Micarta.

Powerhouse recurve limbs are fitted with our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ channel and detent attachment system, lending added stability, quietness and kinetic energy to every shot! And, they look as good as they perform, with clear limb glass showcasing the warm hues of Curly Australian Walnut, crowned with caps and tips layered in Oak Burl with black Micarta. HardCore, short and sweet!



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