60″ 41# BICENTENNIAL Recurve

Wow, Wow and Wow

Straight out of the box this bow dominates. We’ve equipped it with Stabi-Lock™ – our exclusive tool-free, slide-to-lock, performance-enhancing limb system. All in a highly-enjoyable, easy-to-manage poundage!

Our 17″ handle is crafted from Exotic African Shedua paired with black linen-based Micarta and fused with center striping in Curly Maple with black Micarta. This particular handle shows great grain and contrasting character!

Accentuating the handle back is dynamic layering of Maple FREAK Burl (meaning, this is a particularly rare burl pattern) perched atop Karelian Burch that’s been sandwiched between black Micarta. This crazy-good design trio is also showcased on the limb tips.

The freaky goodness of this unique Maple Burl crowns the limbs caps on yet more Maple Freak Burl under clear glass on our takedown recurve limbs.