60″ 51# HARDCORE Recurve

Hunter Orange!

Wear this beauty to the stand! We’ve sandwiched a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of Orange ActionWood, creating revelation points at each curve throughout our 19″ handle for eyepopping color and design. Accenting the handle back is the deeply grained Walnut Burl with an underlayment of Orange ActionWood and black Micarta.

And, with this beauty sporting our exclusive Stabi-Lock™ attachment system, it’ll shoot as distinctive as it looks! This design provides maximum stability, unparallelled quietness and performance – in addition to super cool tool-free, slide-and-lock assembly!  Our black glass limbs are topped off with Walnut Burl limb caps and limb tips layered in four layers of Walnut Burl and Orange ActionWood alternating with black Micarta. HardCore handsome, HardCore shooter!