58″ 56# HARDCORE Recurve

Zebrawood Zinger


This short and sweet HardCore carries the same knockout features as our other HardCores, plus a stunning specimen of Zebrawood.

We’ve sandwiched a super-duper core slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of highly-grained Zebrawood, then handshaped it into our curvaceous handle – unearthing the intricate hues and layers beneath with a bullseye effect here and there. The handle back is accented with the intricate eyes of Mappa Burl. Layered beneath are secondary strips of Curly Etimoe and black Micarta.

Souped-up recurve limbs feature our exclusive dual bolt design for optimal alignment and are decked out in fine Curly Etimoe under clear glass with limb caps in Mappa Burl. Limb tips feature yet more Mappa Burl atop Curly Etimoe alternating with black Micarta. Quite a fashion statement in one heck of a shooter!



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